Life today can be over-complicated and stressful, especially in a society that places so much value on money and material possessions.

We’re cultivating a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Our farm is run by permaculture principles, creating a symbiosis between the landscape and the plants and animals (including humans) that live there. As we moved to this farm in spring 2017 there’s still a lot to do, but starting from scratch means we can do it right.

We want to live as self-sufficiently and ethically as we can: growing our own food, raising our animals with love and care, and finding ways to minimise waste and conserve energy.

Our animals are central to the farm; they provide us with milk, some labour and fertiliser, so we treat them with love and respect. None of our animals are slaughtered. The ancient Vedic principle Cow protection is central to our beliefs.

Finally, we eat simply and we always eat well. We’re a vegetarian farm, and all our dairy products come from our lovely cow Bhumi. We know exactly where our food comes from and how it has been produced.