Living simply frees up the mind to focus on what really has meaning.

Humans have the faculty to explore issues beyond the basic instincts of life. We have higher powers of discrimination, a sense of justice and the ability to contemplate existential questions. High thinking can help us work better together as a society, rising above the stress and selfishness that can too often creep into modern life, and focus on finding meaning.

For us high thinking comes from the ancient traditions in the Vedic scriptures. We practice mantra-meditation, chanting and believe in reincarnation. Our farm has a temple, where we celebrate feasts and perform daily ceremonies that you are welcome to attend.

We welcome open-minded people who enjoy philosophical conversations and like to explore spiritual ideas. People of all faiths and approaches, who respect the beliefs of others, are welcome. As we host volunteers from all over the world there are many ideas to share.

Although the owners of the farm are devotees of Krishna, you don’t need to be a devotee to stay with us. For those who are interested in learning more about the Hare Krishna tradition we’re more than happy to teach you.