Cow protection

Our cow protection program is inspired by the work of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He brought the Hare Krishna tradition to the West. Part of his work was translating some prominent Vedic scriptures, including many texts stressing the importance of protecting cows.

Our cows

We have three cows on our farm – our Jersey Bhumi, her daughter Dhenu and her granddaughter Malini. Our animals are guaranteed a safe and comfortable place to live for their natural life.

Cows and oxen resting in the sun.

Currently Bhumi is our only milking cow. Volunteers are given the opportunity to build a relationship with her and help us hand-milk her twice daily.

Bhumi was born on a typical dairy farm in Sweden. Taken away from her mother at a young age, she was destined for slaughter. It was only when the farmer discovered she was pregnant that we were able to save her. She now provides us milk and grazes with Dhenu and Malini.

Our two oxen, Dharma and Tilak, are Bhumi’s twins from when she arrived pregnant on our farm. Dharma is very enthusiastic and outgoing, while Tilak is a little shyer. We’d like to train them to help with the farm.

Our horses

L’Adorata, Blanca and Ninfa are our three mares. They are joined by our stallion Bellissimo. All four are the  Hispano-Arabic breed.