We’re a sustainable and ethical farm following the principle of ‘Simple Living – High Thinking’.

The farm

Our five hectares of land are shared with three cows, two oxen and four horses. Since we moved here in the spring of 2017 we’ve begun to cultivate the land based on the principles of permaculture. We’re a vegetarian farm and our animals are here to live out happy, cared-for lives. You can find out more about our principlesthe animals and our crops.


When asked to describe the ideal lifestyle, Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Simple living and high thinking.” That’s the approach we take on our farm. We live simply, think high, and look for ways to engage people and share knowledge.

Getting involved

We’re still developing the farm, and there’s a lot of work to do as we look for ways to design a sustainable farm. There are lots of building projects underway, as well as development of the land, planting, and – of course – caring for the animals. We’re always looking for people who’d like to help us on the farm and share our lifestyle.