We want to engage people to help develop and run the farm.

No matter how long you visit us we hope you enjoy your stay, and share some of the ideas and skills you learn with your wider community.

What you can learn and help with

We bought our farm in the spring of 2017 so we’re still in the early stages and looking for people who would like to help us get established, learn some new skills, and share a healthy and simple lifestyle with us.

Although it depends on the season and projects, you’ll have the chance to learn about:

Preparing salad in the kitchen.

  • Milking cows, dairy production and cow protection
  • Horse riding and caring for horses
  • Building and maintenance
  • Permaculture and growing your own food
  • Vegetarian cooking and house care
  • Sustainable, low tech solutions
  • Mantra-meditation, bhakti-yoga and Vedic philosophy

Who we want to join us

We welcome people who are:

  • Interested in learning practical new skills
  • Interested in ethical and sustainable farming and cultivation practices
  • Eager to contribute their own skills and experience
  • Value a healthy, simple lifestyle
  • Open-minded and interested in high thinking.

Interested? Find out more about the daily routine of a volunteer or get in touch with us by emailing info@krishnafarm.eu.